Fic: Your Favourite Joke, Chapter One Clameron
Fic: Your Favourite Joke, Chapter One
Pairing: Clameron (David Cameron and Nick Clegg)
Warnings: Rape, Homosexual situations, politicians getting it on, blood.
Rating: M
Summary: Nick isn't very happy about what David says. Sometimes he takes things way too seriously, David discovers after it was revealed that David previously thought of him as his "Favourite Joke". Not funny.
Authors note: Again, don't own, isn't real, not an insult. I love you guys, thats why I write this crap.

Here we go, chapter one...

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Fic: Waking Up, Clameron fluff
Fic: Waking Up
Pairing: Clameron (David Cameron and Nick Clegg)
Warning: MALE/MALE POLTICIAN LOVE. And also,I'm rubbish at writing fluff.
Summary: The morning schedule of the power couple two or so years on. There've been problems after the PM and his Deputy revealed themselves.
Authors Note: I write this for fun, and none of it is true. I also do not own the people in this fiction, as I'm pretty sure that would be illegal. Not that I would object to owning them if the occasion arose, and then this would become at least partially true. The part where they kiss. But none of this has happened, and the David and Nick in this fiction do not represent the real David and Nick.

Clameron Start!

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Fic: The Captive, extreme AU clameron

Fic: The Captive AU
Pairing: Clameron
Warning: VERY VERY LOOSE AU, Violence, implied rape, homosexual situations, no actual sex.
Rating: T
Summary: David and Nick are in a very strange situation, and their country is at war with Nick's Homeland, and losing to their strange powers. The country needs a weapon to gain the upper hand, and Nick and David are part of that weapon. But they wont submit to their "masters".
Authors Note: This was my english coursework! DO NOT STEAL. Copyright M Vine or some shizz like that. Also, the characters in this AREN'T meant to represent David or Nick in anyway, they just inspired the names. And kinda inspired the boy love. I DO IT OUT OF LOVE!

Let us begin.

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Why did I say chapters before?

Fic: Those Foxy Politicians NC-17 Clameron
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